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February 7, 2010
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Just say when by geana Just say when by geana
There’s blood. A lot of blood in fact and its pooling just below her ribcage and making her throat clench up.
Through all the pain though, she manages to feel his fingertips running along her sides, tracing the contours of her body with a sense of curiosity and possessiveness. There are screams coming from somewhere down one of the Arkham’s cold corridors but it’s hard to hear over the pounding of her heart in her ears. It was like a movie, she thought aimlessly as she struggled to swallow past the ache in her stomach.

‘I wonder if you’ll be there,’ he used to say to her while she scribbled furiously on the pad of paper on her lap and he lounged across the sofa in front of her. She’d push her glasses back up the bridge of her nose and raise that wonderful arch of an eyebrow she’s perfected since she turned fifteen and the boys started whistling at her.

‘And just where do you expect me to be?’ she asks, feigning disinterest by keeping her gaze to the paper. He smiles at her just then and licks his lips like always, a perfect imitation of the oh-so-subtle seduction she can never overlook.

‘Why, here of course. When I break out of this place and burn it to the ground.’

She hadn’t helped him. Oh, no, no, no.

Still…maybe she could have been a bit more careful with her identification pass when it accidentally fell to the floor as he bit off the buttons on her blouse with his teeth. And maybe she could have pulled the alarm when the first few gunshots went off instead of quietly stepping into one of the custodial closets and licking her smudged, bottom lip where he had kissed her.

Karma was a bitch though and when the young and naïve Dr. Quinzel strutted down the hallway after the cries had dissipated towards her freedom, she hadn’t accounted for Henry Finch. Henry was an inmate of Akrham Asylum who had been arrested for the homicide of three women and a young man. He’d silently limped towards her from out of one of the intensive treatment rooms and thrust a shard of glass into the spot beneath her ribcage before hobbling off into the darkness with a gut wrenching moan.

That’s when he’d come to her.

As her knees had buckled and she’d eased herself onto her back, the echoing footsteps thudded towards her.

“Well, well, well. Seems my little harlequin has been broken,” he clicks his tongue on the last syllable, fingers trailing up her thigh while the one hand ghosts over her wound. She sucks in a breath as he takes a fistful of stocking and rips it from her skin. He tears off the rest and she’s fighting between the pain and the ecstasy, easily confusing the two with every panicked gasp. Then suddenly, the pain engulfs her, and she finds he’s begun tying off the pantyhose around her stomach to apply pressure to her incise.

“Wh-what are you doing?” she hisses as he ties off the ends.

“And here I thought you were smart, doc’,” he grunts as he roughly hauls her to his feet. She yelps as he hoists her arm over his shoulder and all at once he’s guiding her quickly through the darkness ahead.

As they hurry through the rubble and smoke, Harleen begins to see just how much of a hell Arkham has been revealed as. She can hear the voice in her head, laughing hysterically at the fact that she was the one who brought the prince of darkness his throne, and here he was, lugging his willing sacrifice through his hellish kingdom.
They push through a fire escape on the first level, and a white, windowless van is pulled up waiting. He releases her just then and her weight falls upon the wall as she watches him pull open the van door. He stops and glances back at her, scowling.

“You already made your choice, Harley, now get in the van,” he says. She laughs. First a pathetic sort of grunt that is more for the disbelief of the situation. It begins to evolve however into a chilling string of giggles that she doesn’t really recognize from herself. She doesn’t really know why, but it all seems very, very funny as she limps towards him, and he drags her by the arm into the getaway van.


This isn't really anything new or spectacular in the slightest. Just been hanging around my harddrive along with the text that needed to be revamped a bit.

enjoyy comments are lovee. something bittersweet on its way....
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